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o Pavan Vidyapith starts with Day school from    June 2011.
o Classes of standard 1 to 9 and Standard 10    and 12 gradually.
o Modern hostel facility for girl students of    standard 5 to 12.
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 Welcome To Pavan Vidyapeeth
The trustees who are spreading the realms of knowledge and education in metro city Ahmedabad since last twenty years are governing the vidyapeeth here; this is the best asset of Pavan Vidyapith. Study from Balbhawan to College is offered here.
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The soul of Saurashtra has its significance in spirituality, education and social service. This soil has its own identity. The faith of the people, the hospitality and the lion heartedness of the merchants are famous worldwide. The people of the land have also remained broadminded while accepting materialistic revolution positively without changing their age old principles. This is why our civilization is respected as world’s oldest civilization! Dear friends, this is the sacred land where educationist Gijubhai Badheka implemented the thought of weightless education and therefore Saurashtra is in number one in education.The children has infinite possibilities, the virtues taught to them in childhood influence them for their whole life. Virtues coupled with education can cultivate a child to a genius.
As described in holy Bhagwad Gita, Education shouldbe knowledgeable & philosophical. A dedicated education institution is the best medium for it. With this noble idea...[more]
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